About Me

Hi there. Welcome to The Story Of Us Blog 😀 !
My name is Njabulo Mbutho. The happiest day in my life was when I realised I wasn’t the only one who is attracted to the same sex, Damn! it was such a relief. I managed coming to terms with my sexuality at a very young age regardless of the negativity and discrimination from the society where I grew up in (Kwazulu Natal, in a rural area called Mthwalume) I received.

I know there’s thousands of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-gender and Intersex individuals in South africa , and abroad who are ashamed of their sexuality. Even worse, thinking of committing suicide! The thought of this tears me up. LGBTI issues need more emphasis don’t you think? Can’t we all just live life meaningfully!

So, what’s this blog for?
This blog is my input on helping create a less judgmental society but a more open minded one. Here, I will be sharing with you LGBTI news on:
• Entertainment – Events
• Fashion
• Interviews
• Lifestyle and all things of my interests.

More about me. Err…
I love Writing, one day I’ll write a book – you’ll be first to find out when that’s up and running. And also, I’m dearly in love with all things Digital. As an aspiring business man and Author, I have gave birth to yet another baby (Blog) South African Online Creatives, Here’s something awesome, I’m also a Freelance Writer. See few of my published work below:
Rihanna’s Diamond World Tour .
Wait Does This Mean “Im Gay”? .
• (Poem) The Right Moment &
Grandmotherly Love – A Stranger I Met

Thank you so much for stopping by, hoping to see more of you :). Sending you awesomely vibes.


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