3 Creepy Homosexuality Stereotypes and Myths Busted

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Truth be told, homosexuality related issues are not considered all together, to a certain extent. Meanwhile, tons of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersex individuals become victims of bullying almost on daily basis.

Dawn the memory lane – back in primary school, throughout my schooling life actually. Apparently, everything about me was considered odd, much that it’s resulted on my loner tendencies. I felt a sense of belonging only if I’d either be around family or alone. Amongst other pathetic perceptions and ridiculous comments they’d throw at me, nothing puzzled me than some creepy myths and stereotypic ideas I was associated with.

Till this day, occasionally I overhear people indulging on these rather complex tales. Fortunately enough, I’ve grown out of playing victim to such stupidity from pure ignorance!

Let Me Break It Down To You
• Sexuality isn’t a choice.
• Sexuality is a deep-rooted part of who you are and it’s dictates by who you are attracted to.
• Homosexual people are not programmed to respond to the opposite sex’s bodies in the way heterosexual people are.

By any chance, never put yourself into sexual situations that don’t feel right to you. I’m just saying!

Below are the Stereotypes and Myths:
1. In a same sex relationship, who’s the man and who’s the Women?
• Because we’re raised to think of a relationship in male-female role terms, many people assume these roles are emulated in a same-sex relationship.
• People might assume there is a female (passive, penetrated) and male (dominant, penetrates) role in the intimate dealings of a same-sex male relationship. Or, that one woman in a lesbian relationship is butch and manly while the other is feminine.

These sort of assumptions about relationship roles are very old fashioned. In this day and age, even traditional ideas about female and male roles within a heterosexual relationship are revolving. We’re living in a world where being competently comfortable under your own skin is priority. We’re all unique, it’s totally depends on an individual’s perspective.

2. Gay men are all effeminate & promiscuous. Lesbian women are all butch, cross-dressing & man haters.
• Homosexuals are as varied in appearance and behavior as any other beings.
• Their beliefs and values have as broad range as you can imagine.
• Although stereotypes might have originally been based on genuine observations, they tends to be based around the most visible element of a minority group.
• It’s only influence that leads us to want to label things hoping to make sense of the world. Putting all homosexual people in a box and assuming they all behave in a certain way makes it easier to deal with the unknown. We’re individuals of total different mindset all together.

3. AIDS is a gay man’s disease.
• HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that leads to AIDS.
• A person doesn’t catch AIDS. They become HIV positive.
• In unprotected sex, HIV can be passed between the person who is penetrated and the person who penetrates, and vice-versa. Moreover, in all other sexual intercourse activities you can imagine.
• HIV is a virus that anyone can contract – homosexual or heterosexual. However, risk of infection is higher with unprotected sexual activities. Play it safe always – use protection in order to prevent sexually transmitted infections.
• HIV progresses to AIDS when the infected person becomes seriously ill because of their damaged immune system.

With that cleared-up, here’s other things you should know;
Being homosexual is not a mental health problem itself, but mental health problems among gay people are relatively high. Why is this?… Well, simply because:
• Homosexual people face loads of obstacles and challenges the world throws at them.
• It’s very tough growing up homosexual when the world around you may be feeding you that it’s religiously, or whatever reason might be, completely wrong being who you are. Of which is very common. The only wrong in this regard is allowing influence-society define you!
• Homophobia and bullying, feelings of isolation and loneliness. Learning to become pretentious for the pleasure of peers putting strain on yours daily life. It’s no surprise that some fellow homosexuals develop mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, self-harm even worse, suicide!

Nobody is born depressed, anxious or suicidal. It’s results of negative life experiences, regardless of whether you are homosexual or heterosexual. It’s simply bowls down to – we’re all beings, sometime life gets sour. It’s all part of the journey, that’s that. These are only few homosexuality stereotypes and myths I’ve unpacked here, feel free to add some in the comments section bellow.


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