Raging Fire – Mzansi Pride 2014

While it’s probably not every day one get’s invited to glitzy hot events. I was extremely chuffed when my babe Yaya Mavundla told me the most exciting news I’ve ever received. Life changing news! Actually I was meant to grace the presence of Mzansi Pride for one day but to my surprise she extended it to be the whole freakin week. Damn, my heart literally turned into a raging fire! I’ll treasure the entire experience for life. Yaya, you’re a rock star!

Finally the day I’d been impatiently waiting for arrived. Kissing my Gay Pride virginity pretty goodbyes. I was physically ready – awaiting to moon walk on my forever stale Pride Festival virginity in style. It’s been long overdue! The ideas I’ve had in my head, for the longest time – ever since I could spell the word Pride, all melted away swiftly. At that moment, my mind felt more like an empty shell waiting to be stuffed! I was amped up to be amongst fellow LGBTI individuals. Stand in solidarity, championing the struggle for the rights of all LGBTI persons living in Africa.

And So It Began….
Checked in at Stay City Hotel – a four star group accommodation and conferencing venue, situated in Berea, Johannesburg. After a long drive by the sweetest buddy of mine, Aluta Humbane alongside Mdu, a fellow blogger-Sphe Msimango and the guy who sings and plays the piano so well I ended up getting some lessons from him. Sadly I forgot his name. They actually gave a stunning performance on Pride. This is where I spent most of my time in Johannesburg along with lively friends of mine, some I made there. I already miss them dearly!

With all the wide rage, weeklong festivities that took place at Constitution Hill. I was lucky enough to be part of:

Miss Mzansi Pride
All in order was the red carpet, music – setting the vibe beautifully, the fabulous judges awaiting to crown the very first Miss Mzansi Pride. Amongst them was Muzi Zuma (Miss simply blue) & Miss Gay Jozi. Attendees had their drinks while jamming after striking some poses on the Mzansi Pride banner – tweetpicking and god knows what! to Social Media platforms. The beauty pageant was quite intimate, MC’ing was none other than the awesome queen Yaya Mavundla. She gave a soothing performance to keep us entertained.

Contestants who were in the running for the title were few, fierce and lively. Judges read my mind when they deliberated and announced who takes the crown! The lady I mistaken to have seen on ramps took the title – Somizy Sincwala now Miss Mzansi Pride 2014. Kudos to her and the judges! Right after that big moment, I ran to hug my babe Lee Siba for the first time… she’d been delivering a speech and helping the winners get the Mzansi Pride suites on.

The March
Amazingly enough the march was broad casted Live on ANN7 TV Channel 405 DSTV – that’s one of my highlights from the whole experience. The ANN7 TV journalist also interviewed Miss Personality from Miss Mzansi Pride during the march. The one who made me take outrageous photos of her just for the fun of it. We sang, waved them flags and danced throughout the day.

And… obviously the Pride Festival
It was here where the LGBTI community went gagas when Lerato Ganyego brought the place on fire – MC’ing and dancing on stage. She seemed to be having a hellova good time! right after getting off stage she tweeted saying she had a blast. Whoop!… Attendees had a super fun packed Pride Festival, pity I got stolen away by Siyah Chanel to sell some mouth watering food outside. Although I’m not that much of a foodie! However, I’m definitely a uber cool salesman. Lol.

We couldn’t stop getting down, twercking like nobody is watching, Olwethu Mlotshwa better know as Dj Olwe kept the music on point making sure we were the happiest Homosexuals on earth. I heart him so much, he knows how to bring life to a fag’s life!

I met loads of lovely people, made new friends, new lovers? uhm…maybe! Overall, the event was a huge successes, thumps up to Yaya. I’m proud of her! Everything went accordingly? There were hiccups, ones that didn’t make any changes really. It would have been a cherry on top having the after party. But hey! My birthday was coming up, we went out clubbing and boy I tell you, I had fuuuun!

I can unhesitatingly say Mzansi Pride was the best thing to ever happen to me! Attending a Gay Pride Festival was something I’d been only dreaming about. Being amongst LGBTI individuals in one gathering was simply phenomenal for me. I’m still sinking it through! I absolutely can’t wait for next years Mzansi Pride.

Officially I’m no longer a Gay Pride Virgin….Yay! Tell me, which Gay Pride Festival took your Virginity?

Me, Kelly and New buddies

Me, Kelly and New buddies

Lerato looked super hot. Both of the actually!

Lerato looked super hot. Both of the actually!

My lovely buddy Spher with Dj Olwe

My lovely buddy Spher with Dj Olwe

Miss Gay Jozi, Miss Mzansi Pride & Mess Eva - 1st Princess.

Miss Gay Jozi, Miss Mzansi Pride & Mess Eva – 1st Princess.

Thanks for popping by, So whats do you think of that post?


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