Diva’s To Battle For The Title | Miss Gay Alexander 2014

A Diva is a female version of a hustla, said Beyonce in her smashing hit Diva. Remember the song? Well…This coming Saturday-first of November, beauty queens will be battling for the title Miss Gay Alexander 2014 at Sankopano Community Centre in Johannesburg – Alexander. Yet again the LGBTI community get to express themselves within a very captivating sphere whilst raising awareness and leveling grounds on LGBTI issues.

Is there a Theme for the pageant?
Absolutely! the Theme is Diva – Inspired by being in charge in a polite manner. Drag queens and Transgender individuals are commonly referred to as Diva’s meanwhile, a Diva is defined to be a sophisticated, famous, successful and very attractive woman. The best Diva of them all this Saturday will be crowned Miss Gay Alexander 2014 as preparations are underway. You wouldn’t want to miss this extravagant event!

There’s something for everyone.
Contestants will walk away with loads of goodies from various organisations sponsoring Miss Gay Alexander. Namely, Red Square, U-tone Media, and Alex FM. Moreover, Miss Gay Alexander partnered with OUT, a LGBTI organisation of which will be providing safety packs which has Condoms and Lubrication for promoting safe sex. That’s not all, every contestant will receive Consolation Prices, and Gift Packs from African sales. It’s going to be a evening filled with awesomely vibes.

Read on to find out how Miss Gay Alexander came to life.
“I always wanted to do Miss Gay Alexandra from the time I relocated to Alexander in 2007, procrastinated as I was busy with different community development activities I was involved in. Early this year,the eagerness of implementation gave me the energy to start working on Miss Gay Alexandra 2014.” –Emmanuel Rattle.

Emmanuel Rattle is the Founder of Miss Gay Alexander. “Ever since my arrival here in Alexander, I’ve never heard of a gay beauty pageant rotting in the area . Rather Miss Gay Soweto, Vaal, Thembisa, Pretoria, and Jozi. I miserably failed understanding why Alexandra don’t have a pageant of this nature! as Soweto and Thembisa are born out of Alexandra. People were forcefully removed from Alexandra on trucks to form Soweto in 1952 during the apartheid era. I’m thrilled to be introducing the very first Miss Gay Alexandra this year.” – Adds Emmanuel Rattle.

Don’t miss out! Johannesburg, Alexander-Sankopano Community Centre – 12 Avenue is the place to be this coming Saturday evening – 18:00 till late. R50.00 get’s you in to witness Diva’s battling to be crowned Miss Gay Alexander 2014.

For more information, don’t hesitate contacting Emmanuel Rattle on Facebook or 076 725 4224

Details for Miss Gay Alexander 2014

Details for Miss Gay Alexander 2014

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