Save the Date – Mzansi Pride Is Taking Over.

I salute this wonderful man- Cino Shearer, founder of Mzansi Pride. He’s doing a remarkable job not only for the LGBTI Community but for the entire world. If you’re a regular visitor here you probably know what’s Mzansi Pride is. For you- first time dropping by here, you’re simply awesome, hope to see more of you 😀 . Here’s is basically what Mzansi Pride is all about- MZANSI Pride recognizes the need to champion the struggle for the rights of all LGBTI persons living in Africa and to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the thirty seven African states where homosexuality is deemed illegal in the eyes of
the law. Ensuring social cohesion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) persons into “main stream” society

I’ve Got Fantastic News For You!

Africa is to celebrate diversity in unity and challenge stigma from the beginning of December till the 6th-2014 at it’s economic hub for the very first inaugural MZANSI Pride. Expected audience are coming from as far as Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South African provinces. So why not save the date and join in? This event will be spectacular.
Members of the LGBTI community, their supporters, friends and family – from all walks of life – will be treated to a weeklong of super awesomely-packed loads of festivities and entertainment . Festivities includes a Fashion show featuring LGBTI designers and Public figures on the runway-Movie Fringe Festival, Exhibitions Poetry Session and a Workshops on Transgender people. OooHh! I’m getting all kinds of excited already as I’m typing this. I’m going to have a best time ever, should I attend this epic event as I’m amped to.

All activities will take place at Constitution Hill, Johannesburg South Africa. Mzansi Pride will be collaborating with LGBTI organizations within the SADAC region. Mzansi Pride thrives to create awareness around LGBTI issues and so it’s also working with various LGBTI activists, specifically working on Lesbian Hate crimes. Striking in South Africa. I’ve actually seen Hate Crimes and Bullying with my naked eye, I kidd you not! it’s such a traumatic and tragic experience nobody deserves to endure. It pains me deep inside my heart to constantly come across a article titled something like “Two Men Got Arrested For Raping A 20 Year Old Lesbian Girl! “I wanted to make her feel who is the Man!“The Lesbian Hate crime campaign will educate the communities about LGBTI issues that will help eliminate such hatred. More than Twenty Five thousand people are gearing up to raise the LGBTI flag Higher than high, at the Popular city of gold- Johannesburg. Embracing their inner pride and participating in a colourful, lively celebration of a diverse community of persons pioneering in every sphere of society. Main focus being reshaping society’s- OUR perceptions.

Wait here are even more Fantastic news! Read on……..
SABC 1’s talented TV Presenter, Lerato Kganyago is confirmed as one of the MC’s for the main event (See photo above). We know her from our TV screens on SABC 1 hosting a Fabulous Show “The Link” which is highly favored by many. Including myself. Entertainment will be provided by SA’s both up and coming and established LGBTI Artists such as Jacobs Jones, Amstel Diva and more. More artists will be announced closer to the date. So…keep glued on my Twitter-Timeline

The event have been sponsored by Constitution Hill, Cino Shearer Foundation, FTV International and EXIT Magazine. All of Mzansi Pride activities leading to the main event will happen at Constitution Hill as it have a rich history about Mzansi. All guests and media will easily relate to both Mzansi Pride and the venue. Cino Shearer, founder of Mzansi Pride also announced that Mzansi Pride will be jetting off to rural areas around Southern Africa to enlighten the communities about the LGBTI issues and more.

For more info: email or if you’d like to interact with the amazing Mzansi Pride Team find them on Twitter and Facebook; @mzansipride

For now though, find out What’s on my mind Right now……………here it goes 😀 .
Well, I’m actually very much happy to be sharing thee-prestigious Mzansi Pride’s venture. Happy like a kid eating chocolate flavored ice-cream! What are you doing to reshape your perceptions and those around you? Little things like making a simple conversation about Homosexuality, Rape, and Hate Crimes will do the trick. That little conversation can actually change someone’s life, Your sibling, parent or even your child’s life. Free them from Isolation and anxiety. With the few blogs I’ve published about Mzansi Pride, something keeps bugging me, still is! Something I believe to be a cool idea. Wouldn’t be awesome to browse through a Mzansi Pride’s Magazine? Mzansi Pride is more than a organisation, it’s more of a platform. Why not reach a wider audience? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who would kill to get their hands on every published issue! Cool right? I’ve seen very few Magazines, the one’s that (showcase the Gay lifestyle- challenging our comfort zones, perceptions, and promoting to living life positively regardless of Sexual preference or gender) very few, it’s break my heart honestly!

Thanks for popping by, So whats do you think of that post?


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