Miss Gay Kathorus 2014| Leeroy Blackpearl YakwaKubeka

Details of Miss Gay Kathorus 2014

Details of

Tomorrow will be the very first Annual Miss Gay Kathorus 2014-Beauty contest, to be hosted in Johannesburg, Vosloorus at Child Wenare Hall. This is a start of a fruitful future, for mostly beauty queens.

Meet Leeroy Blackpearl YakwaKubeka, Miss
Gay Vaal
2013 finalist and Miss Gay Soweto 2013 finalist. A young intelligent awesomely gay friend of mine living in Johannesburg, Sebokeng. “as much as I’m an intellect, i believe that my imperfections made me, and still are!” -says Leeroy. I got all sorta excited finding out that Leeroy will be one of the beauty queens entering #MissGayKatorus2014.

Read our Q & A Below:

When did you start entering Beauty contests and where does the love come from?
I started exactly a year ago and was founded by the Miss Gay Vaal organiser, she literally introduced me into the pageant world. my love for pageantry really developed after not winning the Miss Gay Soweto title, I then told myself I’ll be returning the following year and that’s what I’m planning on doing 😀 .

Which beauty pageants you’ve entered thus far?
This is my second pageant after miss gay vaal and miss gay soweto. Right now, I’m hopeful for the very first Miss gay Katorus title with the help of my English teacher-Mrs S Khan whom has coached me for nearly three months.

Any lessons from being a beauty queen you’ve learned?
The lesson I’ve learnt ever since being a beauty queen is that beauty is not skin deep and it comes from within, since then I’ve always looked at the bigger picture before judging people.

What are the Do’s and Don’t-s of being a beauty queen?
Do’s are being confidant, put other people first, be a role model to the youth, charitable organization’s and be an ambassador of goodwill.
Don’t’s-s would be mixing with the wrong crowd, being self centered, causing unnecessary attention, not living up to your standards and of course not having to attend certain functions.

Leeroy rockicng that pouse....

Leeroy rockicng that pouse….

Miss Gay Soweto.

Miss Gay Soweto.

So i put on my Make Up.....

So i put on my Make Up…..

Thanks for popping by, So whats do you think of that post?


6 thoughts on “Miss Gay Kathorus 2014| Leeroy Blackpearl YakwaKubeka

      1. I know, Lee Siba Mothibe was actually one of the judges, she is Director of the missgaydaveytonfoundation. We’re proud of Leeroy and recently also crowned miss gay Daveyton 2014 this past weekend, contact us on 0842150772 , if you want a full story. Great work on your blog.

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