Freedom OF Expression | Street Wear

When I think street wear, the first thing that’s comes into my mind is freedom of expression through fashion. There’s nothing I like more than wearing comfortable clothing.

Every single letter in this fashion concept has It’s meaning. Well, according to me :-D.
S: style
T: timeless
R: rainbow
E: effortless
E: electrifying
T: tale

W: welcoming
E: evacuation
A: angle
R: right

Let me sum this-up: it’s really up to you what angle you want to take your look to, all that matters is that you’d would be looking welcoming and electrifying. How you’d know this? The feedback from those you’ll bless with your presence.

I went all out looking to hear what others think about this fashion concept, Wikipedia gave me this-“Street wear is a distinctive style of street fashion. Rooted in West Coast surf and skate culture, it has grown to encompass elements of hip hop fashion, Japanese street fashion, and modern Haute culture fashion.” One thing about me, I refuse to ignore the creative being in me-i take pride in it. I mean, that’s how I express myself. I’ve chosen such awesome photos to illustrate street wear, enjoy. (Photos are sourced from the world wide web).

Thanks for popping by, So whats do you think of that post?. Do connect with me via Twitter: @Njabulombutho


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