4 Tips To Have A Healthy Relationship | Same Sex relationships

I’m happy being gay and by the looks of it, these guys are too!! (See photos below). Love is love no matter what gender!! With that said, having a healthy relationship is very critical for all of us, weather it’s between family, colleagues, friends or even your pats! Today I’m strictly concentrating on same sex relationships, why? Well, Click Here! it all in there :-D.

“A same-sex relationship is a relationship between two persons of the same sex and can take many forms, from romantic and sexual, to non-romantic homo socially-close relationships. The term is primarily
associated with homosexual couples.”

The early months of a relationship usually feels exciting and effortless, remember the first month you and your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband started dating? those instant calls, texts and check-ups! The questions you kept asking yourself-weather ya’ll are moving too fast and all that jazz. Successful long-term relationships involve ongoing, constant effort and compromise by both partners. Establishing healthy
patterns in the early stages in your relationship can guarantee a solid foundation for the long run.

As for you my friend reading this post, kudos to you! I have four tips to have a healthy relationship for you below:
1. Communicate.
Healthy communication is critical, voicing out even the little thoughts can enhance your chemistry. Rather than focusing on mistakes, Build a foundation of respect and appreciation. Focus on the considerate things-notice opportunities to say “You did well“, “Thank you“. Sharing those thoughts you think are stupid could actually be so much fun.

2. Make Room For Emotional support.
Avail yourself in joyful and sad times, letting your partner know that they could cry and laugh with you in any situation. Accepting your partner’s differences and not insisting that they meet your needs only in the precise way that you want them met.

3. Agree To Disagree.
As couples it’s impossible to completely agree with everything your partner say or does, rather than welcoming unnecessary repeated fights simply agree to disagree and negotiate a compromise. Find ways to work around the issues. Acknowledge the fact that you two won’t entirely agree on everything.

4. Be Open Minded.
Prepare yourself, emotionally, mentally and physically for the worst things possible. How? Discuss and start conversation or scenarios like, “so I get involved in a accident of some sort and happen to loose my leg or arm, how would you react to such incident?”,

If you could apply these tips in your relationship, your level of “relationships stress” will be very slim. The photos on this post are sourced from the interweb.

Thanks for popping by, So whats do you think of that post?. Do connect with me via Twitter: @Njabulombutho


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