Pride Festival |  Mzansi Pride #LGBTI



Remember Cino Shearer?, a South African philanthropist, publicist guru and one of the 130 most influential people on the African Continent. He has introduced yet another amazing initiative ” Mzansi Pride“, of which is a Pride Festival. Aimed to unite the LGBTI organizations in Africa in making the Mzanzi Pride’s vision a reality, and this amazing newly born event a success.

To be hosting the biggest Pride Festival in africa will be Johannesburg, the second largest city in South Africa. Mr Cino Shearer is the Founder of this promising to be prestigious event that will bring thousands both Homosexual and Heterosexual communities from all over africa, coming together as one in embracing their inner pride.

“To me the route paraded by the participants has a deeply spiritual connotation it symbolizes the difficult route gay people have travelled in their lives respectively” – said,  Cino Shearer.

The city of Jo’Burg will welcome a number of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex individuals from different walks of lives, participating in a week long period of time on edutainment festivities ranging from workshops, Fashion Shows, Movie screenings, Book clubs, amongst others. Related Pride activities will take place in variety of LGBTI and other safe venues throughout the Johannesburg city. The Mzansi Pride will also focus on giving the Trans-gender individuals a chance to express themselves with different activities and host educational workshop for visibility within the LGBTI community and those thy live in.

“The entire nation should join in together ,to share in the diverse people whom make up our country. 2014 Mzansi  Pride will be dedicated to our brothers and sisters in Uganda who are unable to express the love that comes so naturally to them from one to another. We wish to highlight that gay people in some parts of the world still suffer Discrimination and Hate Crimes  all due to a patriarch system” . – Added,  Cino Shearer.

CS Media House will be the organizers, owners of  Mzansi  Pride and is associated with the Cino Shearer  Foundation, a non profit organization that specializes in Education and Skills Development nationally. 

For further information about the Mzansi Pride, don’t hesitate to contact Yaya Mavundla via E-mail Here:

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