2014 Durban Pride | My Pride, My Right!

Who doesn’t know my favorite song by Lady Gaga, Born This Way? Yes I’m a monster :-D. If you don’t know this song simply click on the following link “http://m.itemvn.com/listsong/?q=Lady+Gaga_Born+This+Way&submit=search" to listen to it now Online or Download. Let’s carefully go through the lyrics: (sing it out loud with me :-D:


I’m beautiful in my way

‘Cause God makes no mistakes

I’m on the right track baby

I was born this way

Don’t hide yourself in regret

Just love yourself and you’re set

I’m on the right track baby

I was born this way


Ooo there ain’t no other way

Baby I was born this way

Baby I was born this way

Ooo there ain’t no other way

Baby, I was born this way

I’m on the right track baby

I was born this way

Don’t be a drag – just be a queen

Don’t be a drag – just be a queen

Don’t be a drag – just be a queen

Don’t be!


Give yourself prudence

And love your friends

Subway kid, rejoice your truth

In the religion of the insecure

I must be myself, respect my youth

A different lover is not a sin

Believe capital H-I-M (hey hey hey)

I love my life I love this record.

I think the next year’s Theme for Durban Pride should be “Born This way” because of the meaning of the song. I love East Coast Radio, a couple weeks ago I couldn’t help it but turn the volume up and sing along when they played Born This Way. I then eventually daydreamed of how awesome it would be if my friends and I would play this song on our way to the Durban Pride.

What is Durban Pride?
Durban Pride is an expression and celebration of sexual diversity within the Durban city and municipality. It is a commemoration of all life lost as a result of discrimination and oppression on grounds of sex, gender and sexual orientation. It is a public campaign and space within which we express our resistance to accept, and our outrage over, the growing number of senseless abuse, violence, rape and murder of people identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in our communities.

I’ve never attended this amazing event but I interned to, as this year’s Durban Pride will be on 28 June, at Sharks Stadium, KP5 gates open at 10am…Entry is Free…but remember you can purchase your VIP Ticket by calling: 031-312-7402 or 083 304 8910.

Durban Pride 2014 will take Durban by storm as thousands of the LGBTI Community will be gathered together in this prestigious event. Activities for the event would comprise seminars, community workshops, public marches, book launches, performing arts, the June Film Festival, the June Pride Parade and Festival, media work and more. Which are scheduled to take place on/around specific important dates in both the International and South Africa’s National Human Rights Calendar. So don’t miss out, join us in waving the South African Gay Flag high this June.

Below Is The Durban Pride Hospitality Packages:
= R300per person (NO UNDER 18yrs)
– Stylish outdoor lounging
– 10 x complimentary drinks voucher
– A cash bar (from which to redeem drink tokens)
– A light lunch voucher
– Access to VIP lavatories
– A parking voucher

= R30 Corkage fee per cooler box or picnic basket (NO UNDER 18yrs)
– Bring your own cooler box (NO GLASS BOTTLES)
– Bring your own Picnic basket (PAPER AND PLASTIC UTENSILS ONLY)
– Bring your own camp chair, picnic mat/blanket, and umbrellas

= Free (NO UNDER 18yrs)
– Featuring… some benches, tables and umbrellas
– A cash bar (beers, ciders, wines, cocktails, etc.)


For more info. CALL SIPHOKAZI ON 031 312 7402/083 304 8910 or write to

Find Durban Pride here: Webstite | Twitter

Duraban Pride 2013

Duraban Pride 2013

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