A Fierce Transwomen | Interview With Yaya Mavundla

Born and bred in KwaZulu-Natal (Kranskop). At only 16 years of age, Yaya Mavundla had already accepted her sexuality. Not many were astonished by the “image” change she made earlier this year in January, Yaya decided to cross dress full time (dressing as female). Thus, was rather a more natural fit to her personality considering that she used to participate as a performing “Drag Qeen”, entering Miss Gay Beauty Contests in few Gay Clubs. It’s her enthusiasm that drives her to love the entertainment industry. With her bold personality there weren’t any hesitation she would become successful at an early age. She’s a woman of many talents; Freelance writer, Model, Events Manager, Fashion Editor, Blogger & now owns a PR Company. It’s really is amazing seeing self motivated individuals doing massive things for themselves making the most out of this “life”!. ‘It’s her humbleness that led me to have a little chat with him for us to know this beautiful soul a little bit more.

Read Our Q&A Below:
• When did you realize that you were different from other boys? And how?

Realize? Oh my, I think I was in primary when I was actually told by other boys that I was different.

As a kid, did you ever wish to be homosexual?
NO! I didn’t even know there was a gay person.

We experience a lot of bullying as LGBT individuals in our everyday life by society, Have you experienced such? If yes,  how do you stay strong?
Yes I have, but it all changed in high school. I was very opinionated and I didn’t take nonsense from anyone, even some of the teachers knew that they can’t treat me bad. I now sometimes meet bullies now and but if you possess power people can’t really take advantage of you that much.

Tell us why you decided to “dress” as a women (cross dress) full time.
Hahaha! What a question, its feels comfortable, that’s who I am.

Did your family treated you any different after you accepted yourself?
Yes, but they didn’t have much of a choice but to accept me, ever since high school I was an independent individual. I didn’t really need them for anything to date.

And how about when you came out the closet?
When I was in grade 11, I was basically forced to come out by my uncle who kept asking to meet my girlfriend, I then told him I don’t have feelings for girls and NO, I wasn’t dating at that time.

What is the hardest decision you have taken thus far, regarding your sexuality?
Choosing people I keep around me.

Who do you look up to in the LGBT community ?

Are there any South African LGBT organisations you’re part of?

In celebration of 20 Years Of Democracy: do you see a bright future for the LGBT community as same sex marriage has been legalized in South Africa?
Not really, I wish we could start by not seeing colour and gender, and then we will get somewhere. Can people just be people, no association?

Comparing the time you grew up and now, do you see any positive change in societe’s mind set?
Yes I do, especially in the rural areas and townships.

If you could wake up tomorrow as president of South Africa, what would you do for the LGBT community?
I will first find out what do people want, and then take it from there.

What do you think about people who hate and discriminate LGBT individuals?
I think they lack knowledge and they need education.

What’s the best advise would you give to LGBT individuals who want to come out the closet but scared to?
Do it when the time is right and when ready. Be independent before you do it.

What challenges do you come across in your career?
People thinking I should be a designer or stylist because I’m a Transwomen, so sick!.

Being Gay Does……. NOT mean you need a man in your life.
Heterosexuals are……. normal people.
Social Networks and Homosexuality…… no comment.

Twitter or Facebook – Twitter.
Writing or Talking – Writing .
Chubby or skinny guy – Skinny.
Outdoors or indoors – Outdoors.

You can connect with the fierce Yaya Mavundla here:

Photo Credit: www.inkanyiso.org

Photo Credit: http://www.inkanyiso.org


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