An Exclusive Interview With “Bujy” Bikwa

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Dawn the memory lane was the welcoming of yet another fierce, bold, and inspiring proud member of the LGBT community in the entertainment industry, Bujy Bikwa. He took the television scene by storm, being one of the contestant on the television Reality Competition Dance Your Butt Off on SABC1. With his rather lively personality, MTN (Advertising Agency) then hunted him to do a television commercial for their campaign, which was very popular. Bujy sure has all “celebrity ingredients”, hosted a number of fabulous events;
• Tropicana Events
• BTW events
• Gay Pride 2012
• Feather Awards2012, entertaining the crowd. He calls himself “The Greatest Super Sized Entertainer” and he won a Feather Award for the title “The Socialite Of The Year“. He is a successful Entrepreneur, Television and Radio Presenter.

Bujy is one of the Gay people in the lime light i honestly admire, respect, and look up to. Which is why i asked him to have a little chat with me about how it’s been for him as a proud member of the LGBT community leading by example. And Yaay! in the name of #GayHova He agreed;

I know your real name is Sthembinkosi Junior Bikwa, how did the name “Bujy” came about?
Started when I got to YFM and I wanted to call my self Big J, my CEO said its not gonna work for an on air personality then I came up with Bujy. It’ means; Big, Smart, Fun and Gay:)

As you were born in Zimbabwe and moved to Johannesburg at the age of 4, how was your childhood as a gay individual?
I was teased for being fat more than anything, the gay insults started showing when got into senior high school. It was never easy bullying me cause I was good at giving a beat down. But you know how insensitive learners can be, i had to sometimes try limiting myself so I won’t be judged or my mom would want me to play with boys so I don’t become gay.

We all know you for your bubbly and hilarious personality, do you ever feel down?
I am the most sensitive person I know.  It takes so much of my energy not to respond to any insults I get on the social media. So yes I do feel down and when I do, it’s hard to show my true friends love cause I become so insecure and the only person that matters at that moment is ME!

How did you come out the closet to the people around you and family?
I think they all knew but my mom wanted me to confirm. Cause I started not sleeping at home on weekends. I would come to change then off to work. My mom once popped the question and i said yes (confidently). After this there was no need for me to always go out, i became very content.

Tell us how did you go about dating? As society hate seeing same sex relationships resulting to most of them being held online, perhaps did you also experience such?
For me, online dating is pathetic I did try, the results were rather awful. Most gays always lie and try to please and over compensate for not being”normal”. I personally think that most LGBT individuals still need spiritual growth.

Comparing from the time you were growing up and now, do you see any positive growth in the society’s mind set(concepts) towards LGBT community?
Oh yes for the fact that i’m on Television every day being completely myself, that is proof that south africa is moving forward.

Have you ever been bullied or discriminated for your sexuality?
Of cause but i choose my battles:)

If you could wake up tomorrow as the President of South africa, what would you do for the LGBT community?
I would help them find themselves. We are beings beyond our sexuality. Being gay doesn’t mean you are immune to bigger issues affecting South Africa. I’d would also make Gay Pride happen the whole weekend 🙂

Do you hang out with Straight Guys?
I do hangout with straight guys. It’s good to have variety of friends cause you learn a lot as well, more especially about relationships. We all go through the same shit it just that, dating for straight guys is more easier.

As an openly gay fabulous individual, what are the challenges you face?
Not even once in my life I’ve thought i would be hated on so much by some of the members of the LGBT community. It’s very sad because I don’t know where it comes from. The rest is just normal stigma of which i really don’t care much about!

Many of Gay people choose to live their lives secretively, what would you say they are missing out on?
They are missing out on mostly themselves and what we all call liberation!

In the LGBT community who do you look up to?
Oh my! There is so many. Usually its the honest random Gays i meet on the streets, married ones and those madly in love.

How was being MC for the Gay Pride 2012
And Further Awards 2012
AMAZING!!!!!! I am really blessed because, when i started in the entertainment industry, these were the events i wanted to do. And they happened all in the same year a month apart. I felt blessed.

Should we expect your participation on these events this year? And tell us what initiatives will you be part of in the near future.
Only time can tell but i will approach them and see if i can do something for my #Bujynators.

So, is “Bujy” in a relationship?
Sadly it’s hard dating when you famous and usually the guys i like are taken, hahahahahahaha!.
My ex boyfriend was a nice person just that he felt threatened when my career took over and he couldn’t step up. Plus the distance made it even worse.

How is a typical day for “Bujy”?
How i wish i knew! My life is new everyday. Even when i’m on set, there’s a twist on everything. I don’t have a “typical day”.

In one sentence, tell us how do you feel when you look yourself in the mirror.
I love my eyes and my awesome facial features. I usually count the silver stripes on my belly at times (he laughs). I just love how i’m a unique man.

Which Local Celebrity do you have a crush on?

As we know you have your own company-Big Way Productions? what’s keeps you motivated?
My brother is working so hard to activate Big Way Productions since i am always on the streets. Right now we’re just trying to secure funds to activate a whole lots of things.

What are you mostly grateful for?
My family and the Talent i was blessed with.

What advise would you give to thousands of LGBTI individuals who are in the closet yet wanting to come out?
Love your self enough to understand your worth. You deserve happiness.

Chooses one between the two:
• Khune or Teko Modise = Khune.
• David Tlale or Somizi Mhlongo = Somizi Mhlongo.
• Banana or apple = Apple.
• Generations or Isidingo = Isidingo.
• Day or Night = Both.
• Kiss and tell or kiss and keep quiet = Kiss and keep quite.
• Singing or Dancing = Singing!!!!.

Connect with Bujy Here: Official Website | Twitter

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