7 Tips To A Memorable 2014 Valentine’s Day.

Few days till the big day “Valentine”s Day”, to me this day means celebrating, showing, and appreciating love of all spheres. I love my family more than anything else so I will remind them how much love and appreciation I have towards them. Anyway, the purpose of today’s post is to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day 😀 moreover give you some suggestions and tips guaranteeing you a huge lasting smile throughout February (Month of Love).

How to have a Super- Duper Valentine’s Day?
you can be as creative as you possible can when showing family some love, getting gifts is slowly drifting away, so make sure you choose a relevant gift suitable for that specific person because by now you know who likes what and who hates what! right?. Shopping vouchers, Cards or even writing a sweet poem, some sort of a stage play would be lovely, show some LOVE.

Hhhhmm! So, you’re in a relationship yet absolutely blank on what’s to do or get for your partner on this very special day? but since you’re maybe expecting something from your partner too, you sure will figure something out. Think out of the box.

Don’t Have a Valentine? Consider ONLINE DATING.
There is no need to be day dreaming about being with your special “somebody”, kissing watching the sun sets or giving them “that” Red Rose 😀 on the Valentine’s Day, take the initiative of using internet to your advantage. Online dating is very easy and you’re bound to find a vast of people you will love to meet.

Here Is What You Should Know Before Engaging To Online Dating.
1. Get to know each other first!
•Don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions to know more about the person.
•Closely watch their behavior.
•Trust your instincts, if you’re having bad feelings or sensing strange acts.

2. Protect your personal Information.
•Don’t give out all your personal information like, address, work place and other sensitive information.

3. So, you have found the one? tell someone about them.
•Tell someone close to you about your “online buddy”.
•Leave a note to a friend if you decide to meet up with your “online buddy”.

4. No photo, no date.
•Exchange most recent photos.
•Save the photos .
•Note the dates there were taken.

5. Pay attention to detail.
•How do they communicate.
•Communicate via Audio’s and Videos clips.

6. So, you two are now ready to meet?, meet in a public place.
•Avoid meeting during late hours neither at their home.
•Meet in busy sport’s like, restaurants, cafe or shopping malls (Remember, safety is your priority).

7. Know their sexual history.
•Protect yourself from HIV and S TD’s.
•Assume your “online buddy” is positive until proven otherwise.

Don’t know where to start?
It is very easy trust me. Your valentine is just couple clicks away, go on, the first step is to create your profile to increase your chances of finding him/ her. Here are some of the coolest Gay Dating Websites you can use to find your Valentine:

I wish you well.
Do share this to your friends, so we can all have a Happy Valentine’s Day. You can also check out these wonderful #LGBT blogs which are all about embracing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Tran s-gender beautiful souls.
Here is the list:

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