Gay Is Colorful – Fashion Statement

Red, blue, yellow and purple: these are my favorite colors to gaze at from a distance and playing around with. The bright colors seem to be more appealing to Gay people at large. The class and allegiance brought by the sweet blue, pink, red – the list goes on and on…. be it a Chino or T-shirt, these all make a flawless stunning look.

I’m not an aspiring Fashion Designer, I absolutely love fashion up to a certain extent. Having watched The Trya Bank’s Show, The America’s Next Top Model, and the movie The Devil Wears Prada, half of me still crave and breath everything about modeling and fashion.

The Fashion subject in the LGBTI community is something very vital, most gay individuals turned to be fashion slaves because of so much passion they hold for fashion, which is sure relevant cause looking good is a must at all times. I believe when one is looking all gay-colorful-then they feel and do good.
I have collected some of the coolest looks from the Street Wear Fashion to share with you (see photos below).

Do you like wearing bright colors?

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