Married Men, Money And Young Gay Guys – #SugerDaddy

“I just love the rush of being with another man, full filing the sex is” he said.

The phrase “Sugar Daddy” is not new, often refers to young dynamic girls whom love all things pretty and fabulous at absolute no effort whatsoever. These girls give sex in favor of material things and money, to old married man who are strictly looking for sexual satisfaction, fun and some more sexual activities, money is their wow factor as they supply it to those in need to their services.

In the LGBTI community it’s no secret that more and more married men are continuously attracting young gay men to do sexual activities with them in exchange of money and material things, and keeping it all a secret. This really proves that homosexuality is not a choice, how can a happily married man spends almost half of his salary to spoil another man for pleasure?.

Today I’m introducing some very interesting people to you. I spoke to a 35 year old married man, who is currently “having fun” or should I say “playing sugar daddy” to a 19 year old varsity student,(Identities withheld). Lucky enough, I asked them for a quick interview on their unique relationship and they agreed. Here are the few questions I asked them to give us insight on their relationship. First up is the 35year old married man.

Below is our Q&A:
Do you consider yourself as Bisexual?
No, I’m just living life to the fullest, I can’t disappoint my wife by telling her that I’m never sexually satisfied with her, so getting these young fresh Gay teens to satisfy me is the best thing ever, moreover I’m not gay but I enjoy having sex with men and I just love the rush of being with another man, full filing the sex is.

When did you start having sexual activities with other men?
Well, I had a friend (male) of mine, whom we did everything together, I mean everything, and it was Damn fun. This was in High-school, we were about 16 years old. 5 years later of pure fun and games (hidden) I decided to stop because things were starting to get ugly, my lovely friend was falling in love with me and I was not. “I’m not Gay buddy, we’re just buddies” I said to him. Overall I can say, I’ve always had a soft spot on all my Male friends.

How do you get these young fresh gay guys and What do you get them for exactly?
Everywhere, night clubs,social events but mostly on the internet, there are online Gay chat rooms, gay hook-up sites and gay apps that are used by men wanting to have sex with other men. I only need them for sex nothing else.

Do you see yourself stopping to sleep with other men or maybe consider sleeping with the ones at your age?
No,No, I honestly can’t say there will be a point where I will get enough of having fun with guys, I will continue for as long as I live.

Second-up, is the 19year old Varsity Student:
Are you dating with him, is this normal to you?
No, we are not dating but we are only giving sexual pleasure to each other. I would not say it’s normal but it’s not the first time I’m being sexually active with someone older and not gay. I’m a very open minded person, therefore I find no stigma on sleeping with older guys seeing that I have a lot to benefit from it.

Tell us the benefits of sleeping with old married men?
I get to be treated like a queen, sleeping in 5star hotels, going for shopping weekly and a monthly allowance. Basically they (sugar daddies) make sure I get all I want, he also payed off almost half of my tuition fees for my studies at university, so really I don’t have anything to regret.

What are your most recent gifts you have received from your Sugar Daddy?
Couple weeks ago he bought me a Laptop, Iphone-5s and handed me a R8000 shopping voucher. These came as a surprise after he had seen how excellent my matric result were. That’s when he offered to pay off the fees at university for me. I was very grateful and happy.

As a Gay individual, would you say these Married man who sleep with gay men are gay?
Totally. they will come to terms with their sexuality when they are ready. They are definitely gay.

Have you thought about Sexually transmitted diseases?
Well, not really, I think I’m too young to get affected by those.

I’m absolutely stunned, would you be persuaded to have your own “Sugar Daddy”? But what about HIV and Aids. Changing partners constantly is very dangerous in the health and wellness of a person. I personally think in whatever one gets up to, using protection during sexual activities is the best reward of them all. And, visiting a doctor for check-ups once in a while.


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