Is Being Gay A Trend?

High waisted pants

High waisted pants

Funny how we get hyped-up by wanting to “fit in” on this categorized world we live in. Why are we being categorized? Sure labeling and boxing everything similar together makes things a whole lot easier. More space to create new ideas, and definitely to identify things as they vary. But is it really safe to categorize people?

Personally I don’t like being categorized. There’s a lot of gay people out there but within our community we’re not the same as it seem to most people outside the community. I prefer being treated as an individual, we all should be treated in this manner.

Trends come and go as they are seasonal. While everyone tries to keep up with the latest cool trends.

So, you think being gay is a Trend?
As we’re becoming more excepted, there’s room to voice out our views. However, some people are using-misusing this opportunity to fulfill their “desires”. Experimenting – apparently more and more straight folks opt to experiment specifically the intimate side of Homosexuality.

This confuse me like a preschool graduate, what’s there to experiment if it’s not who you are? But then again, we all have wanted to try out some vegetarian dishes whilst we are darlings of meat right? It’s a matter of curiosity! Hence, this is no liking matter it’s somewhat a issue. Sure you can taste vegetarian dishes but cannot taste sharing a bed, getting undressed with the same sex person, that’s just nuts!

We’ve constantly either saw, head or read about LGBTI people, be it on Tv, Radio or Print Media. It’s all been there, well, just a glance! So this “Trend” is not fading? Ain’t most trends like; High waisted pants, figure belts, pencil skirt for ladies, the list is endless, came and faded at certain stage by new trends that entered the market? Yes, you knocking that heard now.

If being gay is a trend it should have died and faded away before even Somizi Mhlongo (SA openly Gay Choreographer, Business man and entertainer) came in the picture. Homosexuals endure hate and bullying that’s thrown on them daily, what about trends? What’s trending on twitter this week!

Reality Check:
• Low self esteem
• Relationship triangles
• Lack in Health and body wellness

One whom is affected by these factors is bound to be sinking in the pool of misery – unhappiness. Let me make practical examples for you:
A plus sized lady who hate her thickness, convinces herself being gay because she feels man are not finding her attractive, she goes on and date girls. After a short while she comes back to her senses, back to being straight, where she belongs…. She’s now stronger and happier than before. Why is she happier now? She felt like she was wearing a over sized shoe, there was no balance, she just couldn’t fit! couldn’t withstand the reality coming with being lesbian. Why couldn’t she? Simply because it’s not who she is, her mind went gay for a while not her.

It’s sad how unhappiness can drive people seeking attention at most wrong places, now that she did what her mind told her, she finds piece within herself. The way she looks and realized, there are quiet a lot of men drooling over her. She learned to embrace her thickness.

Another example – Some straight folks who are going through some rough patches in their relationship or marriage. One would say “urg… maybe I wasn’t meant to be with the opposite sex. I might as well be gay, I’m sick of this! this marriage is draining me”. Shortly, they go on and fulfill that desire but eventually vanish back to their heterosexual relationship.

See, these type of people are craving for attention due to unhappiness. Right after being satisfied with the attention received, they run back to their true being. This is being dis-honest and untrue. Furthermore very unfair to the LGBTI person playing victim to such experiment.

It’s no big surprise that the society we live in get so numb of what’s to say as some international stars like Niki Minaj, Adam Lambert even Katy Perry uses Homosexuality as their way into fame. Here is a definition of the term “Trend” I got from a quick search on goggle – A trend is what’s hip or popular at a certain point in time. While a trend usually refers to a certain style in fashion or entertainment, there could be a trend towards warmer temperatures (if people are following trends associated with global warming).

So, do you also think being gay is a trend? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

Figure belt

Figure belt


2 thoughts on “Is Being Gay A Trend?

  1. Being “gay” has become a trendy IT thing! Old,school gays claim they were born this way( where’s the scientific proof?!) Anne Heche was all about Ellen for yrs( Ellen actually having struggled then accepted her emotional and psychological aspects of her sexuality)

    But after the relationship? Heche MARRIED a MAN, had kids,and didn’t look back!!( so much for “born that way”)

    Currently with all the media hype, and big Name media personalities either “coming out”, or trying the waters, thousands,of young confused youth are testing the waters, and declaring their disinterest in the “natural” opposite sex, someyoung women even stating how”cool” it is to have a girlfriend

    Morally, the new,sexual fluidity has yet to show whether it will have a detrimental effect on society. The conservative communities sees it as sexual deviancy whike the pro gay community triumphs it as reality

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