Don’t Treat Me like A Snake, I’m Not Into You.

I’m gay, you’re straight. I may find you attractive but the sore truth is that I’m so not into you. I can’t recall being with a straight guy in my dreams nor drooling over them. I admit, my eyes sometimes get locked into you when you’re looking your best. But this is not about me, rather you and your “All that attitude”. You act like you’re the only adorable thing in my presents!

Example: 65% of human beings, me included reacts like this when seeing a snake in the middle of nowhere: we somehow feel bound to get something to smash it to death in a blink of an eye. Simply because we feel that by us not smashing it, there and then, then we would suffer from envenomation of a snake bite. So, why do snakes bites? They often bite their prey as a method of hunting, but also for defensive purposes against predators.

This is exactly how i feel like when I’m around straight narrow minded bunch of straight people. I’m constantly forced to defend myself against their fantasies. They’d claim I’m having towards them. Straight guys feel threatened by us gay’s, we totally intimidate them. Well, according to my recent findings. Here’s what happened to prove this – couple days ago, I somehow ended up chilling with couple of straight guys from school, then not so long, I swiftly become the topic. “So how is being gay? Who is your boyfriend? How do you guy’s make love? Do you feel like a girl? So… you really have no penis?” Hahaha!

I was super stunned with all their stupid and hilarious questions of which were so irrelevant! Then having not being re leaved on the HOT SEAT, randomly this one guy said “Don’t look at me like that, you won’t ever get me, even if you were to crawl begging”. I was like Okay…! Thinking the subject will change cause things were starting to be a little sour. To my surprise, same guy came up to me and said “if you want some of this (pointing his manhood) I’ll give you my bank account number”.

As puzzled as I was, I managed to withstand, ignore all this nonsense and chilled with them just to study and observe more of their stupidity. However, this raised so many concerns and questions in my head. Why is he assuming I want him? Cause, 90% of the time when you feel somebody is into you, that person always be the one you want not the other way around! Whose with me?

See how I was attacked? they assumed I was going to ask them to strip for me or something, just because I’m gay. They smashed me to death like you would to a snake, pushing me to bite them, then accuse me of injected them to being gay. Should I have bitten them.

Can straight guys stop thinking we want them, it’s really stinks! Just because I’m gay does not mean I want all the men I come across! Seriously, I too have my type, standards and values. It’s possible that I may find some of straighties attractive but that’s only nature hey! You don’t intermediate me. I don’t hate you like you hate us when you’re on your sober senses. In fact I don’t hate you period, it’s only a matter of respect!

Have you been treated like a snake? Do you even chill with straight people?


4 thoughts on “Don’t Treat Me like A Snake, I’m Not Into You.

    1. It’s ridiculous how some straight guys think we want them! I had the same issue with my roommates in the beginning of this year, so much drama happened cause I could not tolerate being ill- treated in such a manner. We’re no snakes, thanks for reading buddy.


  1. Now I’m following you too! I love this bloggie! Why didn’t I follow ages ago! Well don! I love this post! I see this so often. My uncle is gay… and only my current boyfriend doesn’t have a problem with it. The others would always feel uncomfortable when my uncle has been with his partner for over 20 years… who wants to destroy a relationship like that? They’re idiots!


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