What A Cocktail We Are

Extra source, extra cold, double….mild, half done or over done.

No matter how Trends can make us identified, look and feel almost the same but even my little 10 year old cousin can pick up those few little signature things.

This is the most effective and influential factor that separates us all from the crowd. Yes we may like same things – I love coffee but prefer it strong and black, how do you like yours?- See…… We all have different preferences on everything basically. As a matter of fact i sometimes like my coffee with no sugar! Get it? If you don’t read again.

Statement – I like…… Or I’m into…. But prefer it……

See, we’re the same but not exactly the same! The slight but major difference is our signature thus makes life the fun adventure it is on our daily lives, educating us to learn appreciation and exploring.

Here is a little Poem i wrote to add another flavor on this cocktail we’re dosing to.

We Are A CockTail!

Mixmasalla,concoction, and that combination.
The mixture of my favorite fruits and yours.
The mixture of our race.
Plus, color of our skin.

The red lip-stick she putted on while they chose pink.
I chose to lick my lips wet!
That birthday blue tee-shirt i got, the sky is blue
Which is why the sea is blue.
Ohh…pool water is blue too!
Are there blue clouds?

Brownies are to die for. Muffins without coffee are like me wearing my shoes with out socks.
Where is my cocktail? drink your beer.
Cocktail dress at the boutique so earthy while his jeans are no longer on sale. It’s Summer, cheers, sip a cocktail.
Hard to go out without make-up, Beyonce is the mirror.

Bows down! Did you like that?

Hahaha! I know you’re probably saying that this post is senseless never mind the Poem! But my dear, we’re indeed a colorful and tasteful Cocktail.
Until the flavor is added, keep well loving, living and laughing.


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