Supporting #LGBT #SpirtDaySA #PushPurple #GayVibes



It’s was the 02-nd of October, woke up with such a feel good and free vibe #GayVibes. One could swear someone got me a birthday-present in advance. I had decided to go grab my #Pushpurple wrist bands at Jayjays in Gateway, Umhlanga Theater Of Shopping (Durban) that evening, as @MikaStefano had tweeted that they are available at all Jayjays stores all around South Africa.

The #SpiritDay #Puspurple #Antibullying campaign is such a good campaign, making waves all over the country saying NO to bullying, hate, crime and discrimination on LGBT community. I’m super exited to show my support as you can see the photo of me rocking my #Pushpurple wrist band 🙂 for only R20.00

Couple months ago i published a post dishing you all the information about the campaign. It’s feels totally amazing doing something good, not only for myself but making a difference and spreading the word as people ask me when they notice my #Pushpurple wrist bands. Well you can also show your support by going to your nearest Jayjays store and grad #PushPurple #AntiBullying #SpiritDay wrist bands for only R20.00 for 05. Don’t forget to #Tweetpic 🙂 (my twitter handle below)

Thanks for popping by, So whats do you think of that post?. Do connect with me via Twitter: @njabulombutho


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