3 Things Most People Don’t Know About Gay people.

Love is love.

Love is love.

1. Being Gay Is Not A Choice.
• Sexuality isn’t a choice.
• Sexuality is a deep-rooted part of who you are and it dictates who you are attracted to.
• Gay people are not programmed to respond to the opposite sex’s bodies in the way straight people are.
• I Say, never put yourself into sexual situations that don’t feel RIGHT for you.

Being gay and sexual orientation are not as simple as who one have sex with, sexual orientation speaks of an emotional, relation and sexual fulfillment and comfort. Homosexuals, just like heterosexual people, are attracted, at the core, to a gender at young age.

2. This Is How LGBTI Individuals Have Kids.
The same way anyone does, just not with each other. It takes one man (for the sperm) and one women (for the egg) to make a baby, so the same-sex couple can not do this without a member of the opposite sex to help. Adoption is another option they could consider. Or, deceive a straight opposite sex person to marring them so they could have a family together. Now, living in the not so welcoming society, many of the LGBTI individuals end up living a fake life. Doubled life! Growing up with no strength to fight against the hate and discrimination of our true beings, scared to be labeled, abandoned by their families and killed.

It becomes an option for one to hide their sexuality than enduring the traumatic experiences that are likely to occur. One end up living their life a lie, getting in a relationship with someone they don’t love but use them to save them from all the trouble that comes with being Homosexual. This is why many people would say “but these people are just playing around, i was in his wedding and i was one of the people to get them toys for his baby twins two years back, but look at him now, he is suddenly gay”.

Yes there is quite a lot of LGBTI individuals who were still scared to live their lives as they did within!, but now living happily after coming out the closet. Yes that tall dark guy “heterosexual” (so you thought) you went to high school with was always gay but you wouldn’t know because judging is your middle name. No one chooses to be gay not if there was a GCF (Gay Community Fund). More and more young gay people are coming out and embracing their selves in South Africa as the society is seeming to calm down at most places around South Africa, since in the year 1994 male same-sex conduct was legalized, females same-sex conduct never having been illegal (as with other age consent was set at 19 for all same-sex sexual conduct regardless of gender then in 1996 South Africa was the first jurisdiction in the world to provide constitutional protection for LGBTI community, through clause 9 of the South African constitution which disallow discrimination on race, gender, sexual orientation and grounds.

Here are other ways to having babies:
• Donor insemination, using sperm bank.
• Surrogacy.
• Lesbian and gay men co-parenting.

3. LGBTI Community Is Not Forcing Heterosexuals To Like Them.
The LGBT people are only asking for acceptance, bringing less discrimination, hate and bullying because we cannot change who we are even if we wanted to. There is no cure for being gay, the colour of our skin, language, culture, and sexual orientation may differ but we are all human therefore there is no freedom until we are all equal.

Live on and be yourself and don’t for get to Love, Live and Laugh!


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