Down the memory lane, I can recall it like it happened yesterday. The scary, awful and most disturbing picture painted in my head and caused deep and very painful scares in my heart. As it was the Festive Season (as we call it here in SA) December Day’s/Happy Day’s, for every South African and abroad. Fathers came back from work after a long 10 months, everyone (the working class) turning to be Shoperholics of the season as the beep on the cell-phone keeps on beeping (bonuses and extra cash). A 7 year old getting exited for going to school the following year, college and university students get back home gaining a little weight as their bodies were longing for a home cooked meal. Gatherings, parties, weddings and new beautiful LGBT babies are born.

While you were off to work, shopping centre, picnic, clubbing, job interview, visiting home, chill out with friends, attending/gay crushing events, make a cup of coffee or even watching your favorite show on Tv.
Well i had decided to meet-up with couple of my friends at a local shopping centre for few drinks and endless Gossip 🙂 . PING! PING! PING! On my phone (my friend is pinging me on my blackberry), Okay what’s up buddy I’m almost there (i answered), PING! hurry up some group of people is hating on us (shouting, screaming, calling us “moffies”, throwing stones at us, accusing us of sexually harassing them and promising to stab us). As shocked as i was opening that text message, couldn’t think straight so I decided to call my friend right away, this is what happened: (phone rings…..Hurry p..m..i….ston…..ne…..d……..). I could belly hear a thing all i head was “hurry” and I could hear on his voice that he was crying at the time of call.

Rushed to our spot, nearly fainted when i saw my two friends lying down, blood all over their bodies. My mind literally stop functioning so did my heart. I couldn’t believe what just happened and absolutely Nobody helped through out the whole incident. Bare in mind that this whole incident took place in a public place, so i arrived there right after the “Homophobic_Attack” took place.

Thus opened-up our minds as Gay teens South African citizens, we had had head about the negative and abusive people towards LGBT people and never thought it would happen so dramatically and fast. This incident is one of the reasons i started this Blog, i got an idea of creating a atmosphere/network where i and the rest of the society can address and raise awareness on fighting against hate, crime and bulling on LGBT community further more educate and spreading the word that LGBT people are here and it’s OK read here #GayIsOk: http://t.co/P8p3MUX80w

Injuries were quite bad but we were shortly helped and Yes all my friends are Ok and still fabulous till today 🙂 in case you’re wondering. What’s wrong with the world?, everyone need to take a deep breath and keep calm (free your mind). Look at what LGBT buddies’s typical day can be, almost every 5hours in the world a scenario like this take place, while most of you are laughing, having a blast at the picnic. We, LGBT buddies have to deal with the traumatic experiences on daily basis but why? Just Because We Are Gay?

Together let’s learn to appreciate our uniqueness, differences, beliefs and opinions because together we can accomplish more. It begins with you, taking a stand and fight against bulling, crime, and hate amongst LGBT community, spreading the influence of saying Enough is Enough. What are you doing to show your support? Take a pledge here: http://t.co/K23CuU6c0W on the amazing #SpiritDay #PushPurple campaign. Read more here: http://t.co/PZELpVLv7t

3L’s to live a stress free and happy life:
•Laugh 🙂

Thanks for popping by, So whats do you think of that post?. Do connect with me via Twitter: @njabulombutho


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