#SPIRIT_DAY 10.17.2013|Take a Stand Against Bullying, Go Purple.

These are the awesome wrist bands valued at R20.00 for 05.

These are the awesome wrist bands valued at R20.00 for 05.

Welcome back to your source of warmth, I’m so glad to be spreading these awesome news about the amazing #SPIRITDAY initiative.

Spirit day is an annual day in october when millions of Americans wear Purple to speak out against bullying and show their support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. This whole great idea came from an amazing teenager named Brittany McMillian wanted to remember those young (LGBT) people lost their lives to suicide and take a stand against bullying.

Who participate?
Students, Schools, Organizations, Corporations, Media, Professionals, Celebrities, Parents and many more.

My Favorite Fashion, accessories e.t.c Store Jay Jays will be shaking it’s fist at bullying this october by supporting #PushPurple and Spirit Day – Part of the Famous Mika Stefano’s international Anti- bullying campaign. I must say, Mika Stefano is one of the people I look up to because of his Oozing personality and ambition in life, he is playing a vital role in taking a stand on fighting for LGBT community in South Africa and Abroad and spreading the word of decreasing hate and crime in the society. As a Brand Jay Jays is synonymous with free- thinking of young people, which is why equality and freedom of expression is such a important cause to them. In aid of the campaign, #PushPurple wrist bands will be available at Jay Jays stores at cost price, while online messaging and window displays will be encourage young people to wear Purple on Spirit Day, 17 of October in support of a world which all teens are celebrated and accepted for who they are.
#PushPurple wrist bands will be available at R20.00 for 05 in all Jay Jays stores internationally during the month of October.

Though South Africa is the only African Country that protect our rights as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, Yes we are still faced with a huge amount of hate and crime on daily basis. Youth mostly need to learn that Homosexuality is absolutely OK and there is nothing wrong in it. If their favorite celebrities stand up and say they are super cool with LGBT friends, then that may cause a rapid effect and influence. “State of mind of the youth”.

Thus, South African entertainment Blogger, Mika Stefano coordinated the South African leg of the well- known campaign #SPIRITDAY. Together with over 35 local celebrities. They took the pledge to wear purple on the 19th of october. There is quite a number of local celebrities who are Ambassadors for this initiative. Namely: our very own Koyo Bay, Amstel, Sade, L- Todo, Miss SA Teen, Eda Rose and Celeste Khumalo. Please note that not all of these people are Gay!, and these are just few names i have mentioned above.

#SPIRITDAY in South Africa was coordinated by Mika Stefano, Dele Herbst, Theo of Issued Productions! Tebea Of Soot and the Old Mutual Theatre on the Square. I’m sure you’re asking your self, so how can i also get involved?. Well, everyone can raise the #PushPurple flag #SPIRITDAY, in- fact i encourage you. Do this: Simply wear Purple on the 17th of October as a sign of standing against bullying. And also join me and others #PushPurple on the 17th of October, take the online Pledge at: http://t.co/K23CuU6c0W :). I felt so happy when taking the pledge, tell me how you felt when you took yours. You can also help by spreading the word #PushPurple #SPIRITDAY

Catch Mika Stefano on every Saturday on Metro FM on Carol Ralefeta’s The Drive Edge at 14:30 with his rather entertaining local entertainment round, also catch him on TransAfrica Radio (online Radio Station) every monday on #tag at 18:00- 21:00 CAT. Twitter: @mikastefano
And for more information about #SPIRITDAY #PushPurple initiative, visit: http://www.spiritday.com and spiritdaysa.wordpress.com

Together we shall unite and support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. Bullying will never be acceptable it’s so uncool, so i pledge myself to not discriminate but appreciate my fellow beautiful beings. Be sure to:
•Laugh 🙂 everyday.

Photo of thee- cool Mika Stefano (hoping to meet him someday)

Photo of thee- cool Mika Stefano (hoping to meet him someday)


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