Image So the bell rang giving us a lunch break after a hectic drawing session in the Technology class. I did not enjoy the Technology class simply because i was so bad in drawing that my teacher would make me start over on each and every drawing! Moreover, my classmates would laugh and make fun of my Unique talent in drawing :). That’s on it own made me dislike the Technology class!

As the bell rings, everyone is jumping while grabbing lunch bags, off to refresh and play some games. In my ears “Njabulo please come see me before heading to break” the teacher said to me. Oh no… not again! he will lecture me about my drawings (thinking to myself) I went to him, sat down and listen. This is basically what he said to me “i can’t help but notice that you’re not in the School’s sccer team nor having boys you play with, and you’re mostly quiet. Never mind the girlish tendencies – i always notice. I want to teach you to be a real boy. You will now be part of the soccer team. You have potential to score that goal, i know you do. Now, i don’t want you around girls anymore. Be a man,are you gay or something-what’s wrong with you?
As I sat there, besides him, looking up and down. Shocked that he was not talking about the drawings! I completely  failed to understand what was being said to me but, I’d seen and felt the anger and seriousness written all over his face. so I agreed to be part of the soccer team right there and then. I was fascinated. My body wen literally numb. But why was he asking weather I’m gay? Who ask a 13 year old such questions? I mean, I was clueless of what he was on about! My mind had just exploded from I don’t know what! This was in grade 07.

Never mind all the funny names i was given at school. They could see something I wasn’t aware of, well as yet :). Again at High School in grade 10. By that time I had had everything figured out – as the adolescent stage hit me. And I knew I was Gay and couldn’t resist in embarking on group works with the guys in class hahaha 🙂 that’s me!! Though I was still in the self actualization phase but I had a clear understanding of my Sexuality. Meanwhile, I met two Gay friends who were doing grade 12. We got along beautifully. They were not my peers but I could relate and share everything with them. They understood me. For the first time in my life I had people I can actually have a good laugh with. It’s was lots easier to express myself, we hanged together lots.

All of a sudden my class teacher gave me a book-novel to read. She insisted. It was about a thirty something year old man. Who lost his entire family due to his “Sexual choice” so the novel said. Later on, he decided to do a sex change. Sounds Bizzor? I know! Why should I be the only one reading this novel in the whole grade? A though hit me-there must be more to this! She’s up to something. Shortly after I asked her, she answered “Well my dear, you’re the only one applying to make his life a living hell by choosing  this Gay life.”

As stunned as I was, being humble and reserved kind of a person that I am. I took the novel without saying a word to her…(well…..out laud). I took my precious time and read the novel. I fell in love with it. That was when I learned about TRANS-GENDER-ED PEOPLE.

Need more information about Trans-gender-ed people? i’ll soon write a post on that. So, do stay glued and hear the Story Of Us 🙂  I had to endure all the hate thrown at me on daily basis at school and around my vicinity. I never chose to be Gay. I chose to be open minded and keep calm at all situations instead. To be happy, eat Vanilla ice-cream and to leave like there is no tomorrow. I choose to stand out from the rest.

Let’s put logic into this whole horrible situation I found myself into. Tell me, who can choose to be a victim of Bullying, Rape, Isolation and abuse? Who really… I just had to share what once occurred ton me with you. Thank you for visiting, are you still there? please do tell me what you think, I love hearing from you 🙂 .


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