Hi and Welcome back to your source of warmth!
I hope you’re well and smiling.
Who doesn’t know the song (born this way) by Lady Gaga? Well this post is inspired and relating to that song 🙂

Don’t you just love the God’s creation? How everyone is so unique and the energy every individual has which is never similar to anyone else’s. Think of you with all your friends or should i say all the people you’re comfortable with when hanging with together. It’s amazing how much impact of those people’s energy can bring in you, yes they might be those with similar kind of spirits but I’m sure you all notice when there is that one friend missing.

Gone are those days where Social issues were not discussed and disclosed. Sexuality does not define who you are. Being Gay is Not a Choice, why not embrace your true being than allowing the society to make you live your life like you bought it?
#IsaY Shine bright like a Diamond because your worth it 🙂 You don’t owe anyone any explanation because you were “Born this way :-“D #BeWhoYouAre #BeProud

Reality is, not everybody will understand and accept your beautiful Gay soul. The world we’re living in is so not welcoming, better Stand up for your self and get your vision clear. Gay people are continuously being abused and killed as we live in a society with a broad range of beliefs of all man kind.
Let us unite and fight for world piece and our rights. #Isay There is absolutely no freedom until we are all equal! Who is with me?

Do more of what’s makes you happy. Believe in yourself and stay strong as we know how rough it is out there! You were meant to be exactly how you are, cause you were born that way! Be original and rise up.

One more thing, be sure to use the 3L’s to live a stress free and a happy life.
•Laugh 😀



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