#UPCLOSE AND PERSONAL with Nkosithandile Mfamela


HI AND WELCOME BACK TO YOUR source of warmth :).


 I’m so excited about the privilege I got, To #Get_up_and_Close with a young inspiring man. This is my best online friend who have inspired,motivated and empowered me in so many things. I was so glad when he approached me to share his story with us after reading my first post #AboutMe.

“I totally relate to your childhood, background and understand the state you’re in #AboutMe (post)” he said. 


This is how his story goes->




Well I’m born in poor dusty rural villages in between Matatiele and Mount Frere Eastern Cape former Transkei regions. Well during 1990’s life was very hard and deep, In my first day in school I was 6years and have to walk 15 kilometres bare foot every day because i was thirsty for education. I am born in a family who most knew nothing about education but knowing that a boy his job in his time is to look after cattle when you grow, you must go to Johannesburg to hunt jobs or work in mines. I was six seven years old always wonders why black man have to look after cattle and work in mines? Why black men have to work hard whilst he may think and be the change he wishes to be?


I attended Khubusi Junior Secondary school from grade1 then Sub A, to standard eight (grade 10) walking 15 km every day without food, but only just water. In my times at school we were abused we were punished when we arrived late not because teachers doesn’t know we live far. Some of my friends gave up the school get at 7:45 am until 3:30pm you never ate food remember? You have to study while you hungry and you have no choice. But because me I was a curious student many of my climates and my teachers took me as a bright students who don’t study at all but busy with drawings while teachers busy teaching. It was not that I was a silly student I was very quiet student shy guy, quiet guy in class and outside classes. 


I hardly communicate this always amazed my classmates and teachers including parents how i do i passed and get close 100% marks in testy. Remember I don’t study at all because studying was confusing me. I illustrate it lesson by imaginative, (what teacher teaches I visualize but I have to do drawings to illustrate what the teacher trying to tell us as student that was my way of understanding, this is where i realize i”m a CREATIVE man but then i never knew that the creativeness in me can be a career, to me it was seemed as a game or a tool to use when i struggle to understand studies. In high school i never studies i only grabbed textbooks and looked at drawings or cartoon that illustrate notes.


You see, it may be funny and unbelievable when i say ” i never get serious and study “. I was lazy to do homework’s, that was my worst enemy in high school i only did homework in the morning before period commences within 5 minutes to ten minutes I’m done, to other people it seemed homework’s were hard but to me the time teacher gave us homework on the board i would illustrated and by that time answers were on my head but it takes million times for me to put down because i was as lazy like a pig not that i knew nothing but i ENJOYED drawings. Most people loved me and admiring the skills of drawings I was an amazing person ever seen because I can draw their faces as they are or can draw anything, but then I never realize I am going somewhere with that.


I am from a very strict home, in a home with belief of Christianity and African. Let me tell you, most people knows us as Xhosas to be honest we’re actual not real Xhosa speaker but Hlubi culture which is completely different from Xhosas. As young boy grew in rural village at home, we were prohibited to play with other boys without permission issued by our parents, we were prohibited to meet girls nor is to play with girls in a Hlubi culture it an embarrassment seeing a boy playing with girl. In my culture it was an embarrassment when a boy cook nor to be seen with women. As a boy you must be on the veld and look after cattle and fight with other boys with sticks. My friend you never have any dispute nor and quarrel with other boys but according to the culture you must fight with other boys regardless you had quarrels or not, you see this is painful life every day you come back in home and you have wounds of stick.


 I asked one of our seniors why is this, why we must do this? None answered me, but I was punished for asking that question. In my culture as a boy you had no right to ask, you must do what you have been commanded to do whether you like or not, you are oblige because you are a boy.

~by Nkosithandile Mfamela~ Cape town, pretoria.


STAY GLUED FOR CHAPTER 2 of #UP_CloseAndPersonal with Nkosithandile 🙂



Now people like these make me leave behind the pain of yesterday, cherish the moments of today and embrace the happiness of tomorrow.

Don’t forget to leave me your feed back, i love hearing from you 😀 and be sure to stay Glued on my page as the next chapter of #Up_CloseAndPersonal with Nasithandile is to come.


One last thing-> #KeepInMind RESPECT FOR OUR SELVES 

                             GUIDES OUR MORALS; RESPECT FOR 

                             OTHERS GUIDES OUR MANNERS.


Remember to spread the love so you will live a 🙂 happy life 





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